About Our Firm:

415 Advisors objective is to help the farming community and their tax professionals, to minimize tax burdens using a Tax-Deferred Installment Sale.

We work to complement the guidance that clients receive from their tax professionals by extending their expertise with ours to craft a tax deferral solution that otherwise might not be considered and delivered.

Ken Polowitz

Ken began his career in the mortgage banking industry working for a small mortgage banker in Buffalo, NY, which was purchased by a publicly traded New York City based bank. Upon the purchase Ken became the senior vice president of wholesale lending which was a new division for the company. In 2003 he was relocated to the bay area to open operations on the west coast. With the mortgage crisis of 2007 came change and Ken was introduced to the cost the segregation industry. Ken served as Director of Business Development with Bedford Cost Segregation and Cost Segregation Services, Inc, both nationwide providers of strategic tax services for the commercial real estate industry. He was responsible for managing marketing along with educating accountants and commercial real estate owners about the tax benefits of tax benefits of accelerating depreciation on their real estate acquisitions. In 2016 Ken and Jeff Glass started what is now 415 Advisors to provide Tax-Deferred Installment Sale Services.

Ken has a bachelor’s degree in urban planning from SUNY at Buffalo, NY

Jeff Glass 1957-2021

Jeff worked side by side with Ken since 2005 in Mortgage Banking, Cost Segregation, and the founding of what is now 415 Advisors.

Jeff’s business experience included over 20 years in the residential and commercial mortgage industry, where he served in sales, marketing and management roles within the loan origination departments of several banks and mortgage banking firms. He also served as an Internet technology consultant to loan origination firms. He worked at Microsoft during the dot-come era helping them develop their online real estate and financing presence.

Jeff started his career as a Financial Analyst with The Irvine Company, a major developer in Orange County, California.

He held a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of California at Berkeley and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Claremont McKenna College.

Jeff passed away in 2021 and is sorely missed!